Glossary Of Vietnam Terminology

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Agent Orange - Defoliant/herbicide containing 2,4,T Dioxin

AK47 - Soviet/Chicom 7.62mm Kalashnicov assault rifle

Albumen - a blood expander carried by medics to replace lost blood

AN/PRS-4 - Mine detector used by combat engineers

AN/PVS-2 - Smaller Starlight Scope for use on individual weapons

AN/TVS-2 - Larger Starlight Scope for use on crew-served weapons

AO - Area of Operations, your "neighborhood". Ours were Cochise-Green & Walker

APC - Armored Personnel Carrier, usually an M-113

APDS - Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot -The baddest antitank round on earth

ARA - Aerial Rocket Artillery - gunships

Arc light - Radio code for a 3 ship Cell B-52 Strike

ARVN - collection of non-hostile South Vietnamese with weapons

Ash and Trash - Administrative functions of HHC

AVLB - Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (usually on an M-60 tank chassis)

AW - Automatic Weapons


B40 - armor defeating shaped charge projectile fired by RPG2 and RPG7; origin unknown.

Band-Aid Box - Radio code for the medic vehicle, usually an M-113 APC.

Band-Aid - Radio code for the medic.

Baseball Grenade - Defensive Fragmentation hand grenade: explodes on impact.

Base Camp Commando - See REMF

Base Piece - howitzer closest to the battery center, fired first round of fire mission

BDA - Bomb Damage Assessment - we counted the craters

Beaucoup - Many

Beehive Round - 90mm cannon round containing 8,500 darts or "flechettes" called "Green Can"

Bic - Vietnamese for "understand" "No bic" means "I don't understand"

Big Boy - Radio code for a tank

Black Can - 90mm Canister round containing 1,000 1/2x5/16 inch pellets

Blivet - huge rubber tire-like container for water or diesel fuel: towed or airlifted

Blue Legs - Infantrymen

Blue Line - Radio code for a stream or river

BMFIC - Big Mother F***er In Charge (Usually the Division Commander or ADC maneuver)

Boom-Boom - sex with a prostitute

Boom-Boom Girl - A prostitute

Box - Radio code for an M-113 APC

Break Brush - To travel off a trail to avoid mines and booby-traps

Break Squelch - To press the transmit button on the radio handset
without speaking: Twice for all-clear, once for enemy near.

Broken Arrow - Radio code for a unit about to be overrun; diverts all Tactical air to support that unit

Bug Juice - Insect Repellent

Bug out - get out of the area


C4 - Plastic Explosive in Claymores we used for heating coffee

C and C - Command and Control Ship, usually a Huey, sometimes a Loach

CAR-15 - Carbine version of M-16 with collapsible stock - Officers and Special Forces only

C Rats - C-Rations.  Dog food left over from WWII and canned for GIs in Nam

Charlie - Viet Cong, from phonetic alphabet for VC, Victor Charlie

Charles - Formal reference to Charlie

Charm School - Initial training and orientation upon arrival in-country

Cherry Juice - Hydraulic fluid in tank turret traversing system

Cherry School - Initial training and orientation upon arrival in-country

Chieu Hoi - Literally "Open Arms" - RVN Amnesty program for NVA/VC

Chinook - a CH-47 cargo helicopter

CIB - Combat Infantryman Badge (a mark of honor among grunts, justifiably so)

CIDG - Civilian Irregular Defense Group - Usually Montagnard tribesmen led by U.S. advisers, usually Green Berets

Claymore - antipersonnel mine (from Gaelic "claidheamh mor" pronounced like "Claymore" meaning Broad Sword)

Class 1 - Rations, usually hot

Class 2 - Individual equipment

Class 3 - Fuel

Class 4 - Barrier material and construction supplies

Class 5 - Ammo

Class 6 - Booze (hard liquor)

Class 7 - Medical supplies

Class 8 - Sundries; Coca-Cola, snacks, cigarettes, most common items found in a PX

Class 9 - Spares

Co-ax - the coaxially mounted M-73 7.62mm machine gun

Cockadau - derivative of Vietnamese slang, meaning, "to kill"

Coke Girl - a Vietnamese woman who sold everything except boom boom to GIs

Concussion Bomb - A bomb containing kerosene that was devastating

CONEX - Shipping Container. Sometimes used for housing in RVN


Daisy Cutter - a 15,000 pound BLU-82 bomb dropped by C130 to clear an LZ

Danger Close - an air strike or artillery mission within 100 meters of your location

Dee-Dee - To leave. Also Dee-Dee-Mao! 

Delta Tango - Designated Targets - Pre-selected artillery targets located in daylight for use at night

Det-Cord - Explosive that looks like rope- used to daisy-chain claymores

Dinky-Dao - or Dinky Dau - Crazy (Americanized Vietnamese)

Donut Dolly - Women from the American Red Cross

Dragon Wagon - a tank transporter, also called Low Boy

Dumbo - A C-123 Provider of the USAF

Duster - an M42, an old M24 tank chassis with twin 40mm AA guns in an open turret

Dust off - Medical evacuation helicopter, usually a Huey


E8 - 35mm 16-tube disposable CS gas canister launcher. Had a nasty habit of firing by itself.

E&E - Escape and Evade

Elephant - Radio code for an M48-A3. Also the real thing: 'Nam was crawling with them

Elephant Grass - tall, sharp-edged grass found in the highlands of Vietnam

ELINT - Poor intelligence gathered electronically at great expense

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

ETS - Estimated Termination of Service - the day you got out of the Army


FAC - Forward Air Controller, usually flying around in an O-1 Birddog.

Fast Mover - FAC radio code for  F100, F105, or F4C aircraft.

Fifty - the .50 caliber M2-HB machine gun.

FNG - F***ing New Guy, the term applied to anyone that hadn't been proven in combat yet..

FO - Forward Observer, an artilleryman, usually an officer

Fougasse - 55-gal drum filled with napalm and C4 used as defensive perimeter weapon (also "Phougas")

Frag - Offensive Fragmentation hand grenade: five second fuse

Friendlies - Other US or allied troops on the battlefield

Friendly Fire - Officially called "Misadventure" by the DOD. See Short Round

Fire Mission - radio request to the artillery to drop some HE on the bad guys

Firecracker - M-449 round fired by artillery contains bomblets which go off in mid-air.

Fox Four - FAC terminology for an F-4 Phantom in the ground support role.

FSB - Fire Support Base: usually a battery (3 105mm Howitzers) of guns with a perimeter.

FTA - Fun, Travel, Adventure, from Army recruiting ad. More commonly, F*** The Army)

FUBAR - F____ed Up Beyond All Recognition.

Funny Money - Military Payment Certificates, scrip issued in lieu of dollars.

Funny Paper - Radio code for a topo map.


Goofy Grape - Radio code for purple smoke.

GP - General Purpose bomb. Can kill troops or bust bunkers. Also, GP Small, GP medium, GP large were terms for General Purpose Tents used by the military

Green Can - 90mm cannon round containing 8,500 darts or "flechettes".

Grunts - Infantrymen.

Guns - short for gun ships.

Gunship - Usually a UH1B Huey, later a UH1G Huey Cobra.

Gun Target Line - You don't want to be on it. See Short Round

Gun Truck - Cargo truck with added armor and machineguns for convoy escort.


Hawk - Radio code for ambush team.

Hawkeye - Use varied 1) a US sniper or 2) an O-1 aircraft with a starlight scope.

HE - High Explosive.

HEAT - High Explosive Anti-Tank - fin-stabilized armor defeating projectile.

HEP - High Explosive Plastic (Composition B)

HHC - Headquarters and Headquarters Company

H & I - Harassing and Interdicting artillery fire

Hmong - The Montagnards of Laos. Comprised the bulk of the Laotian Royalist Army; fought for the U.S.

Hoi Chanh - an enemy soldier who took advantage of the Chieu Hoi program.

Hook - short for a CH-47 "Chinook" or CH-54 "Sky-Crane" helicopter

Horn - the radio.

Hotel Charlie - Hot Chow.

Hre - Tribe of Montagnards, 110,000 strong.

Huey - Bell UH-1A Helicopter


IFFV - 1st Field Force Vietnam

I Corp - AO of northern South Vietnam

II Corp - The AO for the 1/69 Armor, included Binh Dinh, Kontum, Pleiku provinces

III Corp - South western South Vietnam

Illum - Illumination rounds fired by artillery, mortar, M79, or dropped by aircraft

In Country - on the ground in South Vietnam

Indian Country - Area controlled by Charles

IP - Initial Point - A reference point in the attack


Jarai - Tribe of Montagnards, living in the Pleiku area

Jesus Nut - Large nut which holds the rotor blade on rotor shaft of a helicopter.

Jody - "...Jody was there when you left, you're right".  The guy that stole your girl back home while you were fighting his war for him.

JP-4 - Fuel for Hueys and fast movers

Jungle Boot - Special boots with stainless steel shank and holes to drain water out

Jungle Fatigues - tropical weight jacket and pants

Jungle Penetrator - bullet shaped device used by helicopter crews for extracting down pilots or wounded soldiers in triple-canopy jungle.

Jungle Rot - Any of a number of fungal infections caused by the moisture in Vietnam


KHA - Killed Hostile Action

KIA - Killed In Action

Killer Junior - Killer Senior - technique developed out of the need to protect 155mm battery from ground attacks, since Army didn't design a "Beehive" round for the 155mm howitzer. Killer Juniors were perfected by Lt. Colonel Robert Dean the CO of 1/8th Field Artillery, 25th Infantry Division Artillery. The technique called for firing HE Projectiles with Time Fuses set at 2 seconds or greater to burst approximately 30 feet off the ground at ranges of 200 to 1,000 meters. Killer Juniors (and the 8" Killer Senior) proved to be more effective than Beehive for antipersonnel because the enemy could not crawl under the burst as they could the fan of the Beehive pattern.

Kit Carson Scout - North Vietnamese Regulars who defected and acted as scouts for US troops

Klick - a kilometer, 1,000 meters


La Dai - Come here!

Laager - Tanks or APCs circled in a defensive position, usually at night

LAW - Light Antitank Weapon - M-72 - Fired 66mm round from disposable launcher

LBE - Load Bearing Equipment, web gear, system for carrying canteen, ammo, pack, battle dressing (All purpose, Light weight, Individual, Carrying, Equipment or A.L.I.C.E. pack system was the proper term)

LBJ - Long Binh Jail, the Army Stockade in Long Binh

Leaf Killers - nickname for Dumbo pilots spraying Agent Orange defoliant; Operation "Ranch Hand"

Lefty Lemon - Radio Code for Yellow Smoke

Legs - non-airborne infantrymen (see also straight legs)

Lima Delta - Line of Departure: point of no return in an attack

Lima Lima - LL - Land Line: a field phone

Lima Papa - LP - Listening Post

Little People - radio code for ARVNs

LLDB - Vietnamese abbreviation for "Luc Luong Dac Biet", Airborne Special Forces

Loach - Light Observation Helicopter, usually an OH-6 (Hughes 500C) but also OH-58 (Bell Jetranger)

Log - Logistics

Log Bird - resupply helicopter, usually a Huey, sometimes a Chinook or Skycrane.

LOH - Light Observation Helicopter (Loach), usually a Hughes 500C but also Bell Jetranger

Louie Lime - Radio Code for Green Smoke

Low Boy - a tank transporter, also called Dragon Wagon

LRRP - Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol - 5 man team dropped into Indian country

LRRP Rations - freeze dried food developed for Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols tasted better than "C" Rations except for the squid.

LZ - Landing Zone (note that some were Fire Support Bases and had names)


M-2HB - Caliber 50 machine gun (HB = Heavy Barrel)

M-3A1 - Caliber 45 submachine gun (M-3 was older variant)

M-16A1 - Later, better model of the famous automatic rifle

M-16E1 - Early model M-16, which jammed frequently

M-17 - Protective mask worn by non-vehicle crewmen

M-18A1 - Claymore antipersonnel weapon, threw out 700 steel balls, lethal to 50 meters.

M-24 - Korean War vintage Chaffee light tank (ARVN’s only)

M-26A1 - Fragmentation hand grenade (offensive)

M-291 - 81mm mortar; range 3,500 meters; found in weapons platoon of Infantry Rifle Company

M-30 - 4.2 inch (107mm) mortar (rifled tube), maximum range 5,650 meters; usually a platoon was assigned to a Battalion Headquarters

M-33 - Fragmentation hand grenade (defensive) aka "baseball grenade"

M-41 - Korean War vintage Walker Bulldog light tank (ARVNs only)

M-42 - Duster (twin 40mm BOFORS antiaircraft cannon on M-41 chassis)

M-48A3 - Main Battle Tank used in Vietnam because of its thick hull

M-49 - Trip flare

M-55 - Quad .50 caliber machine-gun mount.. Range 7,275 meters

M-56 - Self-Propelled Anti Tank gun (90mm) on tracked chassis, nicknamed "Scorpion"

52A2 - 5-ton 10 wheel diesel tractor, as in tractor-trailer

M-60 - in Vietnam, the 7.62mm squad machine gun of the infantry; belt fed, air-cooled; 600 rounds per minute

M-67 - 90mm recoilless rifle; range 450-800 meters; an Anti0Tank weapon, it was used to bust bunkers in Vietnam

M-72 - LAW (Light Antitank Weapon) 66mm rocket in disposable fiberglass launcher

M-79 - 40mm grenade launcher, aka "Thumper"; range (HE) 400 meters

M-88 - Tracked recovery vehicle (used by armor and Maintenance units)

M-101 – Split-trail 105mm Howitzer (traditional Artillery units); range 11,000 meters

M-102 – Closed-trail 105mm Howitzer (Airborne and Air Cav units); range 11,500 meters; could be lifted by a Huey.

M-106 - Self-propelled, 4.2 inch (107mm), mortar track (modified M-113)

M-107 - Self-propelled, 175mm gun; tube had range of 32,600 meters; crew of five.

M-108 - Self-propelled 105mm howitzer; tube had range of 11,500 meters;

M-109 - Self-propelled 155mm howitzer; tube had range of 14,600 meters; largest direct-support artillery

M-110 - Self-propelled 8" howitzer; tube range 16,800 meters; five-man crew

M-113 - Armored Personnel Carrier fitted with Chrysler 209HP gasoline engine

M-113A1 - M-113 fitted with General Motors 215HP Detroit Diesel engine

M-114 - Tracked, armored, scout vehicle fitted with Chrysler gasoline engine

M-114A1 - M-114 fitted with General Motors Detroit Diesel engine

M-125A1 - Self-propelled 81mm mortar (based on M-113A1 chassis)

M-132 - "Zippo" track mechanized flamethrower (based on M-113A1 chassis)

M-151 - Jeep (truck, cargo, 4x4)

M-449 - "Firecracker" round fired by artillery containing bomblets, which go off in mid-air.

M-548 - Tracked cargo vehicle

M-577 - Tracked command vehicle, modified M-113 (used by all maneuver Battalions)

M-578 - Tracked recovery vehicle (used by infantry and artillery)

M-728 - Combat Engineer Vehicle (CEV) M-60A1 chassis/turret w/ 165mm demolition gun

Mac the FAC - The Forward Air Controller, usually flying around in an O-1 Bird Dog

MACV - Military Assistance Command Vietnam

Mad Minute - Random firing of all perimeter defensive weapons to discourage infiltration and test weapons.

Max Ord - short for Maximum Ordinate

Maximum Ordinate - The highest point in artillery round's trajectory, important for pilot's to know

MEDCAP - Medical Civil Action Program - Our Medics treated Vietnamese villagers

Meo - Laotian term for Hmong tribesmen, meaning "savages".

MFIC - Mother F_____ In Charge

Mighty Mite - Small portable blower used for filling tunnels with CS (tear agent) powder

Mike Mike - Millimeter

Mil - unit of circular and vertical/horizontal measurement in tank gunnery. 6,400 in a circle

MO-GAS - Short for Motor vehicle Gasoline - military grade gasoline

Moi - Literally, "savages". Vietnamese term for Montagnard tribesmen

Montagnard - French Literal: "Mountaineer" Originally from Polynesia; they were the original inhabitants of the coastal region of Vietnam

Montagnard Bar - A Hershey Tropical Bar

MPC - Military Payment Certificates, scrip issued in lieu of dollars

MRRF - Mobile Road Reaction Force


Napalm - Thickened gasoline. Resembles Jell-O in bombs, maple syrup in a Zippo-track

NCOIC - Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge

NDP - Night Defensive Position

Nickel - radio code for a junior NCO. Also five. Usually the platoon sargeant.

No Bic - I don't understand

NLT - No Later Than

Number One - The Best

Number 10 - The worst

Number Ten Thousand – the absolute worst.

Nung - Tribe of Montagnards, 15,000 strong; the fiercest of the Montagnard CIDG troops.

NVA - North Vietnamese Army


OIC - Officer In Charge

One Four - The platoon Sergeant

One Six - The platoon leader

One Six Alpha - The platoon leader's gunner, the Assistant tank commander

OOA - On or About

Oscar Papa - Observation Post

Oscar Track - Call sign for Company HQs or Battalion S-3


P-38 - Can opener that came with C-Rations

Penny - Radio code for an enlisted man

PFT - Portable Flame Thrower

Phougas - 55-gal drum filled with napalm and C4 used as defensive perimeter weapon (also "Fougasse")

Piaster - Vietnamese Money (in fall 1968 100 piasters was 1 US Dollar)

POL - Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants

Poncho Liner - lightweight, camouflage blanket for use at night. Very useful

Pop Smoke - to ignite a smoke grenade for identification and wind direction for Hueys

PRC-25 - AN/PRC-25 man portable FM radio set (prick-25)

PRC-77 - AN/PRC-77 man portable secure FM radio set (prick-77)

Prick 25 - Slang for the AN/PRC-25 man portable FM radio set

Punji Stake - sharpened bamboo stick booby trap smeared with excrement to cause infection

Push - radio frequency (because you Pushed a button to select one)


Quad-Fifty – Four, Caliber 50 machine guns (M2HB) mounted on a gun truck for convoy defense

Quarter Cav-50 - Nickname for 1/4th Cavalry

Quick Reaction Force - Helicopter-borne infantry with gun ships able to react to enemy attacks

Q-Service - Quarterly service of vehicles


Range Card – Artillery never used them, but said they did.

Red Ball - Radio code for a hard surface road, Also nickname for resupply convoy

Red Haze - Radio code for ammonia sensing people-sniffer in aircraft

Red Legs - Artillerymen, aka "Cannon-Cockers"

Red Splash - another name for mad-minute

Renago - Tribe of Montagnards, 10,000 strong.

Rootin’-Tootin’-Raspberry - Radio Code for Red Smoke

REMF - Rear Echelon Mother F***er

Remington Raider - term for REMF (above); anyone typewriter-armed; see also "Smith-Corona Commando"

Rhade - Tribe of Montagnards, 120,000 strong; of Malay-Polynesian descent, continued to build houses on stilts.

RIF – Reconnaissance in Force.

RF/PF or Ruff Puffs - Regional Forces/Popular Forces, usually without weapons (see ARVN)

Rock N' Roll - an M-16 on full automatic

Rome Plow - A Caterpillar D7E bulldozer used for defoliation missions. The blade, called a plow, was manufactured in Rome Georgia.

Round Eye - Caucasian, usually a female

RPD - (Ruchnoi Pulyemet Degtyarova) Soviet made squad machinegun, 7.62mm

RPG2 - Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, Soviet made

RPG7 - Later model Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, Soviet made

RRF - Rapid Reaction Force

RTO - Radio Telephone Operator

Rucksack - also “Ruck”: packs carried by grunts

Ruff Puffs - Regional Forces/Popular Forces, usually without weapons (see ARVN)


SA - Small Arms

Sabot - Dutch word for "wooden shoe" cladding around an APDS round

Sandy - A1-E1 Skyraider providing fire suppression on a SAR mission

SAR - Search And Rescue mission - looking for downed pilots

Sappers - NVA/VC whose job it was to blow things up; also an engineer

Search and Avoid - Typical ARVN mission.

Search and Destroy – Typical American mission

Sedang - Tribe of Montagnards, 70,000 strong.

Short - Very little time left in country

Short Round - Artillery round that falls short of the target on the Gun Target Line

Sinh Loi - Sorry about that!

SITREP - Situation Report, made hourly to next higher headquarters

Six - Radio call sign of a unit commander (Company, Battalion)

Six One Higher - Radio code for your boss if you're a Six

SKS - Soviet/Chicom 7.62mm carbine

Sky Pilot - Chaplain

Sky Soldier - paratrooper

Slick - a UH1D used for carrying troops, as opposed to a gunship it had slick sides no guns

Sling Load - load carried beneath a helicopter on a cable

Smith-Corona Commando - Term for a REMF; anyone typewriter-armed; see also Remington Raider

SNAKE - slang for AH-1 Huey Cobra attack helicopter

SOI - Signal Operating Instructions: codes for radio communications

SPAD - A1-E1 Skyraider providing tactical air support

SP - Start Point. Beginning of a road march

Spectre - Radio code for the AC-130 Gunship. (confused with "Spooky" and "Puff" by all)

Spooky - Radio code for the AC-47 Gunship the REMF’s and Saigon reporters called "Puff" (the magic dragon)

SP Pak - Sundry Pak Platoon. Contained cartons of cigarettes, soap, toilet paper, etc..

SRAP - Short Range Ambush Platoon

Starlight Scope - AN/PVS-2 Image Intensification Device, turned night into day

Strongpoint - term for any defended position, especially along highways to discourage ambushes.

Super-quick - 105mm howitzer HE round fuse for immediate detonation

Swift Boat - 50' boats operated by USN out of Qui Nhon et al; armed with 50 caliber machine guns


TA-312 - Hand-cranked field phone

TAC-E - Tactical Emergency

TAOR - Tactical Area Of Responsibility

Tango Charlie - Radio code for Tank Commander (also Track Commander)

Tea Party - radio code for an ambush

Tee-Tee - very little

Three Quarter Cav - nickname of 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry because abbreviation is 3/4 Cav

Thumper - an M-79 grenade launcher, so called because it made a hollow "thump" when fired

Tien Bing - Chinese for "Sky Soldier"

Tien Lien - Vietnamese phrase for "forward" or "charge"

TOC - Tactical Operations Center: a huge bunker where the old man lives with his staff

TOE - (also TO&E) Table of Oranganization and Equipment; Army rules for personnel & equipment

TOT - Time On Target - Artillery fire from different batteries timed to explode at the same time.

Tracks - the collection of track blocks on a tracked vehicle (REMF’s say treads) Also slang for M113A1 Armored Personnel Carriers

TROPO - short for tropospheric antennas used for long-range voice communication


UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice

UFN - Until Further Notice

UH-1A - sometimes appeared as HU-1A, which led to name "Huey", the symbol of the Vietnam War.

Uncle Ho - Ho Chi Minh

USARPAC - United States Army Pacific

USARV - United States Army Vietnam

URC-10 - AN/URC-10 Survival Radio used by LRRPs

UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator - grid system on topo maps


Viet Cong - Literally, Vietnamese Communist: The Former Viet Minh were co-opted by communist sympathizers

Viet Minh - Literally, Vietnamese Nationalist: movement started by Ho Chi Minh to get French out of Indochina

Voting Machines - Nickname for ARVN tanks because they only came out during a “coup d'etat”

VTR - Vehicle, Tracked, Recovery (the tow track for tanks), Usually an M-88


Web Gear - canvas belt and shoulder straps used for packing equipment and ammunition on infantry operations

Whispering Death - Charles' name for a B-52 strike. He couldn't hear or see them

WHA - Wounded Hostile Action

WIA - Wounded In Action

Willie Peter - White Phosphorous round or grenade (evil stuff)


XM-177E2 - CAR-15, short-barrel, collapsible-stock version of M-16 rifle

XM-203 - 40mm grenade launcher attachment for M-16 rifle

XO - Executive Officer; the second in command of a unit.


Yankee Station - Tonkin Gulf Area of South China Sea patrolled by US Navy

Yards - Affectionate GI term for Montagnards


Zippo Track - An M-113 APC converted to a mechanized flame-thrower M132A2

Zulu Time - The world is divided into 24 time zones. For easy reference in communications, a letter of the alphabet has been assigned to each time zone (no letter I or O as they can be confused with numbers). The "clock" at Greenwich, England is used as the standard clock for international reference of time in communications, military, maritime and other activities that cross time zones. The letter designator for this clock is Z.

Times are usually written in military time or 24 hour format such as 1830Z (6:30 pm). To pronounce this, the phonetic alphabet is used for the letter Z, or Zulu. This time is sometimes referred to as Zulu Time because of its assigned letter. It's official name is Coordinated Universal Time or (UTC). Previously it had been known as Greenwich Mean Time or GMT but this has been replaced with UTC.

 Zulu +seven hours is the time in 'Nam


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